Bridging The gap

So I decided to name my new Blog after a Post that I made several years ago, in my old Blog. I think as time goes on and I make more posts, it will prove to be appropriately named. The content that I use for this Blog will ultimately be used as a basis for another project that I have in mind, but that will come later.

My intent with this Blog is to compile as many of my random thoughts and life experiences in to one place so that others might be able to learn from what I have learned. I am also hoping to get a lot of feedback in the form of comments and or questions that will help with ideas for future posts.

As with most of my writing, I need to get the “DISCLAIMER” out of the way… If your are the least bit easily offended, you might be wise to turn away now and don’t look back. There will be bad language. There will be talk about sex. There will be stuff said that is completely inappropriate and far from politically correct. The bottom line is, if you’re going to be all butt hurt over language, sex, crude jokes, and occasionally making fun of people who don’t like the aforementioned topics, you can leave now!

Not everything that I talk about will be offensive. I plan to post about things like chivalry, math (yup!), cooking, my desire to have a pet midget, and how to spice up basic ordinary life. How to treat a lady will be a common topic here; as I observe young guys around town, I am in total disbelief at the way they treat women in general.

My next couple posts will be posts that were previously published, but I feel they’ll give a little background and enable a good foundation for where I want this to go.

I haven’t really landed on a frequency or format, but I am going to try to get at least one actual post and one recipe per week. I’m going to start out kind of tame- like foreplay. As time goes on, we’ll get in to the juicy do’n it on the kitchen table kind of content.

Again, if you’re easily offended, just move along. I don’t want to traumatize the prudish sensitive types. Don’t forget to add your two cents for content requests.

Go get some!

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